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An avid reader of detective fiction, Lawrence E. Rothstein has always wanted to write detective novels. His debut mystery novel, Venetian Bind, features the corpulent detective, Marko Korb, and his Chinese-American right-hand woman, Kelan Su.

Lawrence E. Rothstein is a retired lawyer and university professor who has been published in constitutional law, privacy law, and labor law. He was born and raised in Chicago and since 1974 has resided with his wife and family in beautiful southern Rhode Island. He has lived and traveled widely in Europe.

When Lawrence isn't creating on the page, he is creating in the kitchen. He believes that a well-prepared meal and a carefully-selected wine pairing is a symphony of flavors—just like the intricate clues woven through his mysteries. His characters often share his love of good food and wine, like his corpulent, discerning detective, Marko Korb.

Photo of the author Lawrence E. Rothstein. He is smiling and wearing glasses and a black turtleneck. There are orange fall leaves in the background.
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